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Powerfull All Purpose Cleaner

Powerfull All Purpose Cleaner

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•Mild formula, non-toxic, no irritation, no corrosion, does no harm to the objects and hand.

•Making cleaning easier than ever before while saving you effort.

•A foaming powder cleaner that powerfully breaks down and removes stubborn, greasy residues from grease, with a rich, fast lather that cleans easily in just minutes!

•It removes adhering dirt, dust, grease, rust, oxidation, and any while leaving a non-greasy bright finish which resistant to future rust.

•Easy to use, just dissolve it in the water and foam, then soak kitchen utensils in it for minutes.

•Practical cleaning tool to solve grease messes. Suitable for a wide of surfaces in hoods, pot bottoms, kitchen countertops, kitchen sinks, faucets, tile wall, floors.

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